Well-designed networks allow users to access your applications and your data on a variety of devices from almost anywhere. These networks are designed for tightly controlled security, rock solid reliability, and with the flexibility to easily adapt to changing technology and changing threats. ABN’s certified network engineers have the training and experience to design, build, and maintain these advanced networks.

To maintain these networks, we offer 24/7 network monitoring to manage performance and security. This monitoring can cover the entire network infrastructure, servers, bandwidth usage, intrusion detection, and environmental conditions. Small to mid-sized organizations can have the network security and reliability of a large enterprise.

Network and Internet Connectivity

Through our partnership with Advanced Business Group, we offer a variety of methods for connecting office sites, connecting users to file, application, and web servers, and for internet access. Unlike typical broadband cable and DSL connections, we offer T1, T3, and OC3 connections with equally fast upload and download speeds. These connections are not shared connections like broadband connections, so your data is not transmitted across the public internet, and bandwidth doesn’t decrease as more users share the connection. Learn more about these services.


Field-based and home office users can have the same secure connectivity to your file servers and application servers as office-based users via virtual private networks. This inexpensive VPN service ensures that your data is secure as it moves across the public internet. Compatible with cellular data services like Verizon’s mobile broadband cards, a VPN combines security with mobility.

Android, iPhone, and Other Smart Phones

We can assist in setting up and supporting email synching on iPhone, Android OS, and other smart phone models. Through Advanced Business Group, we also offer hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server for Blackberry users.

IP Telephony and Unified Messaging

If you want to bring all of your email, voice mail, and faxes into a single mailbox for ease of access, ABN can work with our IP telephony partners to bring it all together for you.