Hosted Exchange and BES

Exchange is an excellent email and collaboration tool, but managing user accounts, server maintenance, software patches, data backups, and archiving can overwhelm an organization. Hosted Exchange gives you all the functionality of Exchange without the worries of supporting it, all at a low monthly cost.

We also offer hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) to bring the best features of Exchange to your Blackberry.

Hosted SharePoint & Dynamics CRM

Sharepoint is Microsoft’s information sharing and team workspace tool. Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s leading software for customer relationship management. Both solutions are integrated with Outlook, so your Outlook mailbox page gives you easy access to Sharepoint and CRM information. We offer both Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM as hosted solutions so you can focus on using the information instead of maintaining the systems.

Website Development and Hosting

Whether you are just starting with a concept for a website or want to improve an existing site, ABN will design an innovative website that conveys your message. Our combination of design creativity, state of the art development tools, and search engine optimization skills will help your site reach new visitors and open new markets.

We also offer hosting of your website in one of our Chicago area data centers. Whether it is running on your colocated servers or our servers, our secure data centers with 24/7 server and environmental monitoring and multiple Tier 1 internet providers ensure reliable access to your website.

Server and Desktop Virtualization

Server virtualization lets you run multiple applications and different environments on fewer host servers. This lowers your initial hardware costs, lowers your ongoing operating costs, and maximizes hardware productivity. And, if we provide the virtualized servers as a hosted service, you have predictable monthly hosting costs without the headaches of ongoing server support and maintenance.

With desktop virtualization, you can improve your control over applications and data while lowering costs for PC setup and maintenance. Instead of setting up individual PCs, a virtual desktop can be configured once and then deployed to hundreds or users. You can apply application and operating system patches and upgrades to the virtual desktop just once, and then automatically deploy out to individual PCs, ideal for remote sites and field based users.

Virtual desktops also give you tight control over data, ideal when contractors and home office workers need access to your systems. With data kept on data center servers instead of individual PCs, loss or theft of a computer doesn’t affect the security of your data.

Server Hosting

Through our partnership with Advanced Business Group, we offer server hosting at our multiple data centers in the Chicago area. Our data centers have redundant electrical power supplies, oversized cooling systems, fire suppression systems, and biometric control of data center access. Environmental and intrusion control monitoring maintain optimized environmental and security control. Multiple Tier 1 internet providers ensure reliable access to your servers.

Cloud Computing / Hosted Applications

Our Advanced Business Group partner has hosted cloud applications and data for multiple customers since 1999, giving us a wealth of experience that can help your organization lower costs while improving reliability and scalability. Our cloud hosting experts work with small and mid-sized organizations that don’t have the internal IT resources to design and implement the move to a cloud-hosted environment.

Data center security controls and monitoring ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data. Virtual private networks (VPNs) and SSL security certificates provide secure access to your data for your users. Additionally, our multiple data centers in the Chicago area can provide redundancy and disaster recovery options that exactly meet your business needs.